News from the Sector- August

News from the Sector is a monthly blog series featuring the latest geological and palaeontological news, jobs, exhibitions, and conferences. If you or your institution has anything they would like to add, or advertise on GCG’s News from the Sector, please get in touch at Conferences and Workshops The sixth Popularizing Palaeontology Workshop will … More News from the Sector- August

Contradictions, Conundrums and Lies

Written by Matthew Parkes, Assistant Keeper (Curator of Geology), Natural History Collections at the National Museum of Ireland. Contradictions, Conundrums and Lies Before you switch off, this isn’t another opinion piece on the ramblings of a dodgy political leader. The ordinary life of a geological curator can be filled with difficult choices, confused by conundrums … More Contradictions, Conundrums and Lies