How Hard Can it Be?

(Or… “What should museum shops be selling?”) A year ago today, on October 2nd 2018, I wrote about the ‘journey’ of writing and publishing a book – Minerals of the English Midlands. The final paragraph of the post read “Eventually, the final PDF file is prepared ready for transmission to the printer, and the author … More How Hard Can it Be?

Thoughts on Restoration of Boxed Natural History Collections

Written by John Cooke, Mineral Enthusiast and Part-Time Volunteer Curator The Victorians were great collectors and hoarders. There are those collections assembled by talented professionals and amateurs and others who purchased ready-made collections as a sign of their interest in Natural History. The subject matter of these collections was extremely varied and included minerals, fossils, … More Thoughts on Restoration of Boxed Natural History Collections

Dinosaur Croutons and ?Feathered Pterosaurs

SVPCA began with a bang (metaphorically… we’re all professionals here) as scores of palaeontologists excitedly oozed between the dioramas for the ice breaker at Dinosaur Isle. Hugs and handshakes were in abundance as the buffet decreased in size and people greeted old friends. As the evening wore on, a correlation appeared between the number of … More Dinosaur Croutons and ?Feathered Pterosaurs