Top Ten Blogs of 2018

Written by Dr Emma Nicholls, Deputy Keeper of Natural History at the Horniman Museum and Gardens, and GCG Blog Editor.

Last year saw big news across the world- Palau and Hawaii clamped down on sunscreen to protect their coral reefs, news broke of a pterosaur with ‘feathers’, NASA’s Curiosity Rover declared there IS water on Mars, and speaking of liquids… there were tears all round at Abu Dhabi when two time World Champion Fernando Alonso left Formula One. Besides those unequivocally important headlines… undoubtedly the most exciting things have been happening right here, on the Geological Curators’ Group blog. We published 23 articles in 2018 for your education, digestion, and delight; from museum mayhem to fossil fakes. The traffic on the website has been increasing as you have all lapped up this great new content, but what really caught your interest? Here’s a look back at 2018, and the top ten most read blogs of the year.

Happy New Year to you all!

The top ten most read blogs in 2018:

Coming in at number 10…

10- Six questions for a geological curator – Matthew Parkes

9- Dinosaurs Driving You Wild (Warning, Contains Spoilers!)

8- So You Think You Want to Write a Book?

7- Sharks, Dinosaurs and Walruses- An Interview with Dr Emma Nicholls (aww shucks!)

6- News from the Sector – July

5- News from the Sector – September

4- Future of the Royal Institution of Cornwall’s Geology Collections

3- Contradictions, Conundrums and Lies

2- Up Inside Historic Dinosaurs

…and in first place…

1- Pyrite Oxidation: Where Are We Now?

We have grand plans for 2019, and are looking forward to all of the new and exciting articles we are going to publish on the blog this year. If you have an idea for an article you would like to submit, or if you would like to write something but are stuck for inspiration, do get in touch with us for a chat at You don’t have to be a professional geologist, palaeontologist, or curator to submit an article, and if you are new to writing we can help guide you through the process. So don’t be shy, get in touch!

The dinosaurs of Crystal Palace, from blog ‘Up Inside Historic Dinosaurs’. © Emma Nicholls.

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